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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Will I need to pay any upfront fees for your personal funding services?
Q2: How many Primary Trade Lines/Credit Accounts will I need to have reporting on my credit report in order to qualify for funding?
Q3: Can a co-signer be used when applying for a personal line of credit or loan?
Q4: What is the minimum credit score required to obtain a personal funding?
Q5: Can I still qualify for a loan with a Bankruptcy on my credit report?
Q6: A pre-qualification evaluation will take approximately how long?
Q7: How long does it take to complete the personal funding process?
Q8: Will any income documentation be needed for personal funding?
Q9: Is there an ALL cash funding option?
Q10: When will I be required to pay the fees for the personal funding services?
Q11: What forms of payment will you accept for payment?
Q12: Can you do personal funding using only my Equifax credit file and not Experian or Transunion?
Q13: What is the max amount of funding that I can obtain?
Q14: Will you be removing credit inquiries from my report following funding?
Q15: What is the minimum amount of funding available through your personal funding services?
Q16: Do you provide credit repair services?
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DaBella Consulting delivers top rated customer service and we are here for you, every step of the way.

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